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Purchasing Department

From left to right: Tony, Sheila, Liz, Debbie, Jen, Mike

Purchasing is said to be the ‘heart' of a company and that is true of the Alvin Purchasing Team here at Alvin. Our Purchasing department is comprised of some of the art world's top seasoned professionals. The diverse background and vast experience of each member of the Purchasing Team allows Alvin to be the industry leader in various corporate benchmarks.

Our Buyers are proud that with their contribution and efforts, our product out-of-stock rate is the lowest in the industry, allowing us to have a 98% fill rate on customer orders. Along with our distributed lines, our Buyers are constantly striving to find new innovative products to bring to market under our Alvin, Heritage Arts, Prestige, and Blue Hills Studio house brands. We travel world-wide, we research and we study the market to bring you quality products at an affordable price.