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Customer Service Representatives

Shelton Forney
Customer Service Manager
800.444.2584 x247
Shelton attended Hampton University in Virginia. He has worked in customer for service for over 25 years. The last 10 years he managed the call center for TechDepot - a division of OfficeDepot. He was involved in the training, managing, reporting and implementations of new processes for the call center.

Shelton began his career at Alvin & Co. in March 2012. His goal as Customer Service Manger is to provide the highest level of customer service and to help make Alvin the 1st stop for all of your graphic arts, drafting, and fine art supplies. His belief is the satisfaction of the customer is paramount to any business being successful.

In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family. He also enjoys playing and watching sports. His favorite teams are the Dallas Cowboys and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Albert Donsky
800.444.2584 x212
Albert has been working at Alvin & Co. since 1980. In those 30+ years, he has performed in a wide variety of functions, including customer service, purchasing, contracts and bidding, product development, and catalog preparation. He currently is especially involved in our custom kit program. Due to his long tenure, he is usually the person everyone else goes to for information about products that have been discontinued, other companies that are no longer in this type of business, and other obscure matters.

Albert's office is also one of the most popular areas at Alvin. That is mainly because that is where the food can be found. Albert's homemade biscotti and other baked goods are famous throughout the company.

Karen Perkins
800.444.2584 x250
Karen started working in the Customer Service area through temporary agencies right after High School. She met her husband while both worked in a large aircraft manufacturing company over twenty years ago, and enjoyed working the same hours and getting chauffeured in to work every day.

Karen has worked at various companies over the years, including a toy company, pacemaker testing company, and a printing company. Working with Alvin & Company, she's now within 200 yards of where her husband currently works. Unfortunately she is not as much of a morning person as her husband, who has to be to work for 5:00 am every day.

She's having fun helping one of her daughters plan a winter wedding, and helping her other daughter get ready to move to Virginia to be near her boyfriend who is serving in the Navy. Karen and her husband are planning camping trips around the country, and looking forward to all their friends and family staying over, just not all at the same time (since their trailer can only sleep eight people at a time!)

Sandy Rodrigues
800.444.2584 x279
Sandy attended American International College and Springfield Technical Community College. She has worked in customer service for over 20 years. While working for Viking Office Products she had the opportunity to travel to call centers in Atlanta and Boca Raton to help with the cross-training of employees from parent company Office Depot, and was trained as floor support for fellow team members.

Sandy started as a Customer Service Rep for Alvin in 2005. Within that first year she was utilized as a trainer for new hires, trained as a backup for export orders, and asked to deal directly with several high priority projects. This position ultimately led to her current title of Team Leader. She always tries to focus on giving Alvin's customers, sales staff, and fellow team members quick, accurate, and personalized assistance.

When she is not working, Sandy is quite the bookworm, always having a new book in hand. She loves going to the movies, spending lots of time with family and friends and with her ‘little sister' with the Big Brothers, Big Sisters organization. Her nephew is the joy of her life and they are always planning some new adventure together.

Nelson Ortiz
800.444.2584 x262
Nelson has over 15 years of experience in customer service, and likes the role because it is the face of the company. He enjoys representing Alvin through his excellent customer service. Nelson has four children (three girls, one boy). The youngest, who is six, looks forward to doing arts and crafts with her dad. In his free time, Nelson enjoys recording music, playing sports, following the Dallas Cowboys and New York Yankees, and spending time with his youngest daughter.
Sara McMahon
Returns & Credit Department
800.444.2584 x286
Sara McMahon has been with Alvin & Co. since 2004. She and Janet are responsible for issuing Return Authorizations and Credit Notes, and for filing carrier claims. Prior to coming to Alvin, Sara taught elementary school for ten years. She holds a Bachelor of Music Education and a Bachelor of Music in Applied Voice from the Hartt School at the University of Hartford.

Sara has been married for 34 years to her husband Ray, who serves as pastor and principal at a local church and school in Windsor. They met in college and have ten children ages 16 to 33, who are all accomplished musicians. As a family, the McMahons regularly lead worship and have provided music at many churches throughout Connecticut. In addition, they have been featured guests at Gospel on the Green concerts in Danbury and Windsor, and perform at an annual concert to benefit Praise, Power, & Prayer Christian School. Besides singing, Sara enjoys sewing, quilting, and reading.

Janet Jordan
Returns & Credit Department
800.444.2584 x263
Janet has an extensive customer service background. Prior to Alvin & Co. Inc., she worked as an Accounts Receivable Representative for about 12 years. Janet has worked at Alvin & Co. Inc. for almost 7 years. She's part of the duo that handles any returns and disputes and enjoys her position because of her versatility within the company; she can be of assistance to various departments and resolve customer concerns. She likes to assist others when needed and enjoys problem resolution and customer retention. She seeks new challenges and company projects to complete, as she has always been a team player. She is completely comfortable dealing with internal and external issues; providing optimal and exceptional service.

In her spare time, Janet enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, reading, and watching the crazy world of reality television. Typically, Janet is a quiet individual and a "homebody" but will get out and socialize at times.