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Warehouse staff

With twenty-four full time employees, that average sixteen years of service, the Connecticut Warehouse has made great strides in the past ten years. We have our eyes on you, the customer, focusing on quicker turn around times, speedier delivery, and better packaging. A commitment has been made to modernize warehouse functions and infra-structure to make for a more efficient operation. I believe most of our customers have recognized the improvement. Continual feedback from the sales force and customer service has enhanced our procedures to make for a better experience. Our software enables us to track when and where our inventory needs are, reducing time and cost to get it to you and/or your customers. Currently, we are working with our transportation partners to expedite our Canadian services while providing up to the minute traceability. Over in warehouse 2 in Connecticut, we're responsible for packaging a variety of items and maintaining inventory. Many larger products and overflow items are stored in our building, and we ensure everything is accurate. We also handle cutting custom Vyco sizes.